Welcome 2022

Welcome to my new Website which is slightly updated.

This brings me nicely to wishing everyone a fab New Year! Do you find that you feel the need to revamp or start afresh! The new year often has this effect on people me included. I have already cleaned and started on various projects that are now in list form instead of in my head.

That is one thing that I am planning to continue this year and that is to make lists so that I don’t forget things. For those of you that know me, I am an avid crafter and sewer. I always have something to do with my downtime. Recently I have taken on some projects that are a little different. Doing a makeover on a Bureau and reupholstering an ottoman.

My question to you is What are you going to start afresh this year, is it out of your comfort zone or something that has been on that list for ages!!!! And is it something that brings you Joy!

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