Reflexology is a treatment based on the principle that areas of the feet and hands relate to organs, glands, and areas of the body. 

Reflexology uses a firm pressure to stimulate and work over these areas to bring about the body’s own healing ability.  It may help to remove toxins, improve blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses, it also relieves stress and tension.

Benefits are many and may include:
Relief from migraine
Sinus problems and hayfever
Pain Control
Hormone Imbalances
Stress, anxiety, and tension
Digestive problems
Assists the body in healing itself faster after surgery
Pregnancy/Birth – promoting a healthy environment gives a calmer and closer relationship between mother and child.   (more info on

Hot Stones Reflexology is Reflexology ramped up a level.  The heat of the stones helps to relax the muscles in the feet allowing the therapist to work deeper into the reflex areas. Hot stones can be incorporated into a Reflexology treatment to further enhance the benefits of the treatment. It is estimated that one stroke of a hot stone is worth five strokes with the hand!