Hypnotherapy and Counselling

About Me

Contact: Mobile 07764 159947
Email: sandra@jigsawhealth.co.uk

Hello, I’m Sandra, and I’ve dedicated nearly two decades to practising hypnotherapy and counselling. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous individuals in conquering their fears, and phobias, quitting smoking, shedding unwanted weight, and addressing various other challenges that have hindered them from leading fulfilling lives.

My primary goal is to witness and guide my clients to transform from a state of unhappiness to one of contentment.

What to Expect

Hypnotherapy – 45mins – 1 Hour per session Cost £40

To kickstart your journey, we will begin with an initial consultation, where we can get acquainted. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to openly discuss the issues affecting your daily life and articulate your desired outcomes following the treatment. For hypnotherapy, I will then craft a personalised script based on your words, which will be used over the next three separate sessions. Typically, I prefer to schedule these sessions on a weekly basis, followed by a two-week interval before the final one. This approach allows me to ensure that the script aligns perfectly with your needs and make any necessary adjustments. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in helping my clients achieve their goals.

Counselling – 1 Hour per session Cost £40

During the initial consultation for counselling, we will explore your areas of concern and together establish a plan outlining the topics to be prioritised in each session. This approach is highly adaptable to unforeseen challenges. Rest assured, we will address all your concerns at the appropriate moments. If necessary or beneficial, you can integrate hypnotherapy into your counselling sessions, a possibility that can be discussed at any stage.

On average, individuals undergo 6 – 10 counselling sessions, although the number can vary based on individual needs and circumstances.


Becky Hawkins  recommends Sandra Hopperton Hypnotherapy & Counselling.

Becky Hawkins recommends Sandra Hopperton Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Sandra is a very warm and caring lady and I felt immediately comfortable speaking to her about my past experiences and hypnotherapy needs. The hypnotherapy sessions were effective and a couple of years on I still find myself using the techniques Sandra taught me through hypnosis.

Tracy Callaway
I can’t thank you enough for the hypnotherapy you gave me to give up smoking 🚬 all them years ago…. 2005 and still not smoking 😀 am so pleased xx

Training, Qualifications & Experience

In 2005, I achieved my Hypnotherapist qualification with distinction, marking the beginning of my journey in this field. In 2006 I achieved my Counselling and Psychotherapy qualification with merits.

With close to two decades of experience, I have dedicated myself to assisting individuals in various capacities. Additionally, I’ve pursued qualifications in counselling, psychotherapy, advice and guidance enhancing my ability to provide comprehensive support to those in need.