These rejuvenating facials are carried out using the wonderful Tropic range which is 100% Natural and Vegan boasting cruelty-free and also a company doing good in the world.

The Benefits of a facial

Facials are great and stimulate the blood flow which aids the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the skin and its underlying tissue and helps with the efficient removal of waste products;

Helps with dull, lifeless, and congested skin;

Maintains the tone of the underlying muscle, therefore, preventing lines from forming;

Helps the skins natural elasticity;

Refining the texture of the skin, making the skin look healthy;

Contributing to cellular regeneration, which prevents the skin from looking aged before its time;

Giving your skin a more youthful appearance;

Gives you a healthy-looking glow.

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Tropic Skincare at a Glance

This brand has been developed for the most sensitive of skins and has a great following, not available in any shops to ensure its freshness at all times. Make in the United Kingdom too!

Not just skincare but make-up too. Book a session to pick your colours and try it out before you buy!

Please contact me to book your facial or to have a chat about your individual needs. Facial cost may be offset if you purchase products!

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